Flu Vaccine Clinic

We are now offering flu vaccines to eligible patients at the practice – click here to find out if you are eligible for a free flu vaccine.

Walk-in flu vaccine clinic at the practice will be open on Monday evenings (6.30-7.30 pm) and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (10-12pm). But you may also have your flu vaccine done during regular clinic times at a pre-bookable appointment with our Healthcare Assistant Tanya O’Brien.

Children’s Flu Vaccines are available to children who are 2-3years old and those under 16years old who are at risk due to a chronic condition. Please contact the practice to confirm that your child is eligible and to book an appointment with the practice nurse.

Travel Vaccine Shortage


Please notice that at present we are experiencing a National shortage of the Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B vaccines.  We advise our patients to book their travel appointments in advance and/or seek advice from alternative Travel Clinics.

For further clarification please enquire at reception.