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Both you and your family's health matter to us. We would like to keep you informed about the latest health news, chronic health conditions and how to keep yourself healthy. We hope that our website proves to be a useful source of information for you and your family.

Health Awareness – Useful links

Better Lives - Islington's Drug and Alcohol Service (free and confidential support for individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol problems)

Carers UK (information, advice and support for carers) - Looking After Someone 2019 guidance.PDF


Coronavirus – Patient Notification

Are you experiencing cold or flu like symptoms; cough, fever or shortness of breath? However mild they may be, please self-isolate at home and call NHS 111. If your symptoms persist beyond 7 days from when the started, or if your health deteriorates and you start experiencing shortness of breath, you are advised to contact 111 immediately. PLEASE DO NOT VISIT YOUR GP OR HOSPITAL.

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